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Located in the heart of Europe, the University of Strasbourg is heir to a great tradition born of the humanism of the 16th century. It boasts almost 44.000 students each year, 20% of which are foreign, together with 4.600 teachers-researchers and staff, 37 training and research units, and 79 research units. These impressive  gures make the University a rich hub driven by its active involvement in virtually every discipline comprising the current body of knowledge.

Several distinguished personalities, including 17 Nobel Prize winners, have studied at the University of Strasbourg over time. The University’s international partnerships along with its humanitarian, intellectual, and scienti c potential, have contributed to fueling the greatest of ambitions on an international scale. Infuenced by a variety of cultures, the University has developed strong European and international ties and offers exchange programs with countless establishments around the world.


The University of Strasbourg offers a diversity of programs that cover the 5 main areas of education:

  • Arts, Literature, Languages
  • Law, Economics, Management, Political & Social Sc.
  • Social sciences and Humanities
  • Science and Technology
  • Health

As a member of the EUCOR campus, the University of Strasbourg allows its students to study freely at the Swiss, German, and French partner Universities without having to pay enrolment fees. There are three ways to benefit from this network:

  • Enrolling in one of the 18 common programmes offered in all areas of education
  • Completing a study period at a EUCOR university (one semester or a year)
  • Designing your own course of study by completing your education with courses offered at EUCOR universities.


The University of Strasbourg has 79 research units that encompass all disciplinary fields. As a centre of excellence in biology, biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, material physics, and space science, the University also actively participates in the development of social sciences through activities at the Maison Interuniversitaire des Science de l’Homme-Alsace.


With the help of the national program Investissement d’Avenir, the University of Strasbourg strengthens its position as an internationally attractive university. Implementing innovative projects that foster excellence, the it is involved in supporting its researchers and students. As a leading European centre for training and research, it has developed strong French-German cooperations