F3S in a nutshell

The Faculty of Sport Science offers a 3-year undergraduate degree (STAPS, Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives) degree helping students to specialize in one of the main fields of sport science. Upon completion of their STAPS degree, students can further develop their skills and knowledge by pursuing a Master's degree (equiv. M.A. or M.Sc.).

The Faculty of Sport Science offers four programs:

Adapted physical activities and Health program. The trainings of this track allow the students to acquire skills and knowledge related to disabilities (motor, sensory, mental, psychological) and social maladjustments in the fields of physical and sport activities, leisure, adapted tourism, in associations, territorial communities and companies.

Sports Training program. This degree aims to train staff to be capable of designing and managing a training and physical preparation project (planning, training scheduling, scientific knowledge of biomechanics, nutrition, physiology) for various sport populations in public or private structures (local communities, professional clubs, national federations).

Physical Education program. These trainings aim to provide professional skills related to physical education teaching (namely in schools, in line with the program of the competitive exams (CAPEPS and Agrégation), and design of training mechanisms in education through PE professions.

Sport Management program. This course aims to provide training in commercial, marketing and management professions in the industry of sport, wellness, resort and sport services, in the commercial (equipment manufacturers, service providers, resort...) and non-commercial (local communities, federations, clubs, associations, tourist offices...) sectors.

The Faculty of Sport Science also works to improve the career path of athletes with specific needs and increase the employability of its students:

Training adapted to high-level athletes. The objective is to allow the students engaging in high-level practices to reconcile their career with academic success. In this perspective, they are granted a “high-level” status, which entitles them to course adjustments: attendance exemption, personalized follow-up and mentoring.

Excellence course. Complementary high-level classes are proposed to the best students, in order to allow them to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully pass very selective competitive exams.

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